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Oct 11, 2012 6:00pm PDT
to get the jobs they want. get this deficit and debt under control. make trade work for america so we can make more things in america and sell them overseas and champion small businesses. don't raise taxes on small businesses because they're our job creators. he talks about detroit. mitt romney is a car guy. they keep misquoting him. but let me tell you about the mitt romney i know. this is a guy who i was talking to a family in northborough, massachusetts, the other day. cheryl and mark nixon. their kids were hit in a car crash. four of them. two of them were paralyzed. the romneys didn't know them. they went to the same church. mitt asked if they could come over on christmas. he brought his boys, his wife and gifts. later on he said i know you're struggling, mark. don't worry about their college, i'll pay for it. when mark told me this story, because you know what, mitt romney doesn't tell these stories. the nixons told this story. he said it wasn't the help, the cash help, it's that he gave his time and he has consistently. this is a man who gave 30% of his income to charity, more than
Oct 8, 2012 5:00am PDT
but we'll get reports later this week on the trade deficit, import prices and consumer sentiment. earnings season kicks off tomorrow with alcoa's results after the bell. the dow rose 34 points friday to 13,610. the nasdaq slipped 13 to 3136. that's where they'll open when the bell sounds today. >>> walmart and american express just made an announcement about a new financial services offer. basically the companies are teaming up to offer a new kind of checking and debit account. they're calling it blue bird. they're going to answer some questions from the media in just a couple minutes so we'll bring you more when we have it. walmart has basically said that many of its shoppers have little to no access to credit and they have tried to offer things like check cashes at low rates in order to help them. walmart also says 85% of its transactions are in fact made with cash. scott, back to you. >> when you think about it, all those transactions made with cash, that's the way you're supposed to buy things. it would be the better way to buy things. >> old school. that's how we used to do
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2